Nancy Wilson’s “Barracuda” Guitar Slated for Reverb Sale

Nancy Wilson
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Pumping out hits like “Magic Man,” “Barracuda” and “Crazy On You,” Heart ascended to worldwide fame during the ‘70s before going on to sell more than 35 million records.

Guitarist and singer Nancy Wilson blazed a trail in the rock world and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with her sister, lead singer Ann Wilson, and other Heart members in 2013.

Recalling her memories of life as a female guitarist in the early days, Wilson said, “It was as if people were shocked and stunned to see a girl who could actually play with any kind of competence…

“You just didn’t see women playing rock and roll and attacking the guitar very aggressively. So yeah, when they saw me, it was like, ‘Whoa! You’re pretty good for a girl.’”

Now, the rock legend is passing on some of the gear that helped forge her career as one of the most respected and inspirational guitarists in music history.

From October 19, fans will be able to browse over two dozen items – including guitars, amps, and keyboards – at Nancy Wilson’s official Reverb Shop.

Among the various items on offer will be the Heart icon’s late ‘60s Gibson SG she says was her axe of choice when playing the 1977 hit “Barracuda" live.

Speaking of the famed electric guitar, Wilson pointed out, “It's traveled really far with me and we’ve done a lot of stages and shows together. You might recognize this Marine Corps symbol here that I used to flash after ‘Barracuda’ at the end of shows.

“My dad was a military man, and there’s pictures of me saluting at a lot of shows. This guitar is one true hero.”

Heart, "Barracuda"

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The following items will also be on sale at The Official Nancy Wilson of Heart Reverb Shop:

  • Pre-factory Paul Reed Smith 12-string prototype with dragon inlays (as played on the latest Heart tour)
  • 1957 Fender Stratocaster (used live on world tours)
  • Late ‘70s David Petschulat Mini Les Paul (as seen on the cover of cover Heart’s Greatest Hits Live)
  • Mid-‘80s Duncan Quattro (Wilson's “all-purpose dive-bombing ‘80s style guitar.”)
  • TV Jones Spectrasonic with a red and white finish and Bigsby vibrato (also used to play “Barracuda” live)

Visit Reverb for more information.

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