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Mojotone Unveils New Blackout British Head

MojoTone Blackout British Head
(Image credit: MojoTone)

MojoTone has unveiled its new Blackout British Head.

A 20 lb. head version of the North Carolina-based company's Blackout British 18-watt combo amp, this head aims to be a modern machine that nonetheless captures the unmistakable bite of British-style amps from the late '60s and early '70s.

It features a global master volume control, two 6V6 output tubes for a warmer tonal complexion with increased headroom, three ECC83 preamp tubes, an EZ81 tube rectifier and a lead channel with a TMB tone stack.  

Control-wise, there are two channels - Normal (with Hi/Lo inputs) and Gain – and three inputs.

Other features on the amp include Mojo Dijon capacitors, carbon composition resistors and Heyboer transformers.

The Mojotone Blackout British Head will be available soon for $1099.99.

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