Eventide Goes “Beyond the Effects Horizon” With the New H90 Harmonizer

Eventide H90 Harmonizer
(Image credit: Eventide Audio)

Effects trailblazer Eventide Audio has just unveiled what it calls the “next-generation multi-effects pedal.”

Building on the legacy of the H9, Eventide’s new H90 Harmonizer boasts 62 effect algorithms as well as hundreds of program combinations curated with a variety of instruments and genres in mind.

Sporting an intuitive user interface, the Eventide H90 features a comprehensive I/O layout and adaptable routing options. A handy built-in tuner is also included.

Descending from the firm’s flagship H9000 Harmonizer, the pedalboard-compatible H90 features powerful ARM-based architecture that enables “never heard before” effects.

The H90 is the culmination of years of creative input from the team at Eventide as well as our inspiring users

Russell Wedelich, Eventide Audio

"The H90 is the culmination of years of creative input from the team at Eventide as well as our inspiring users,” commented Russell Wedelich, VP of Development and Director of Signal Processing at Eventide.

“We're excited about the music (and cool new DSP math!) made possible with this next level of DSP power, and even more excited to hear the music our customers will make."

Fans of the H9 Max can still look forward to using all 52 of those popular algorithms, though they have been enriched with features previously only available on the dot9 pedals and plug-ins.

The H90 offers ten additional state-of-the-art algorithms, including fast-tracking, warble-free Polyphonic Pitch Shifting courtesy of Eventide’s SIFT (Spectral Instantaneous Frequency Tracking) technology.

Seven of these new algorithms include:

  • Polyphony – Pitch shift chords with ease using SIFT technology. Create rising or sinking chorus and crystals-type effects. Use Freeze to generate pad textures
  • Prism Shift – Generate three voices from a single chord whose intervals are separated, staggered, and pitch-shifted to create four arpeggio types spanning up to three octaves
  • Even-Vibe – Authentic Uni-Vibe emulation reimagined in stereo with envelope followers
  • Head Space – Vintage four-head Tape Delay with classic and modern creative tone shaping controls for grit, spatiality, and character
  • Bouquet Delay – Bucket Brigade Delay (BBD) with modulation, LoFi, and Modern flavors; includes Pitch jump and Self-oscillation performance functions
  • Wormhole – A mega-sized hyper-modulated reverb with pitch warping performance
  • Weedwacker – Two-stage, serial overdrive reminiscent of a famous green pedal

A further three algorithms are derived from Eventide's acclaimed rackmount processors, namely:

  • Instant Phaser – Authentic emulation of the world's first studio Phaser from 1971 (as used on Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir")
  • Instant Flanger – Authentic emulation of the world's first studio Flanger heard on countless hit records
  • SP2016 Reverb – The legendary Room, Stereo Room, and Hi-density plate from the original studio rackmount

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