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John Petrucci: 10 of His All-Time Greatest Solos

(Image credit: Mondadori Portfolio / Getty)

It would be a fool’s errand to name John Petrucci’s Top 10 guitar solos. The Dream Theater guitarist is one of the most inspirational metal players and has tracked so many jaw-dropping solos that even his devoted followers can’t agree on which are his greatest.

We’re calling attention to 10 solos that we consider to be among the best in his catalog—which is to say, there are many more than what we’ve included here.

“Under a Glass Moon” 

“Behind the Veil”

“Constant Motion”

“Hollow Years (Live at Budokan)”

“Glasgow Kiss”

“Enigma Machine”

“Damage Control”

“Peruvian Skies”

“Fatal Tragedy”

“The Silent Man”