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Zoom Announces New G11 Multi-Effects Pedal

(Image credit: Zoom)

Zoom has announced its new G11 multi-effects pedal.

Featuring a 5” color touchscreen display, the G11 is packed with 48 amp and cab models - combined with 70 built-in Impulse Responses - plus the ability to add 130 of your own models. 

The pedal can also be used as a complete audio interface for direct recording via USB (a Cubase LE is included), and features effects loops, aux in, stereo outputs and MIDI connectivity.

In addition, the G11 is built with a five-minute looper, 68 rhythm patterns for jamming and is compatible with Zoom’s Guitar Lab 6.0 app for perusing and downloading patches.

In terms of controls, the pedal features a 5” color touchscreen display, switches for scrolling through the signal chain, patches and banks, an onboard expression pedal and five switches for individual effects.

The G11 can run up to one amp model and nine effects simultaneously, and is powered by a 12V DC power supply, providing 2,000mA.

The Zoom G11 multi-effects pedal is available for preorder now for $799. A release date for the pedal has yet to be announced as of press time.

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