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Way Huge Unveils New Green Rhino Overdrive MkV Pedal

Way Huge Green Rhino Overdrive MKV
(Image credit: Dunlop Manufacturing)

Way Huge has debuted its new Green Rhino Overdrive MkV pedal.

The latest update to its popular green overdrive pedal, the MkV features two small new mini knobs - for fine tonal adjustments - in addition to its predecessors' volume/tone/drive control set.

The first of these mini-knobs is a “freq” knob located on the left hand side of the pedal’s face. This knob offers a frequency boost or cut at either 100Hz or 500Hz - accessible via an internal switch.

The second of the mini-knobs is a “curve” knob on the right-hand side that allows guitarists to roll off the pedal's high-end roar.

The Way Huge Green Rhino Overdrive MkV pedal is available now for $129.99

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