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Walrus Audio Unveils New Ages Overdrive Pedal

(Image credit: Walrus Audio)

Walrus Audio has unveiled its new Ages overdrive pedal.

The well-liked Oklahoma company's first overdrive pedal since 2016's 385, the Ages pedal is headlined by a five-position mode knob, which can take you everywhere from smooth, low-gain territory to thick and chewy silicon hard clipping.

Otherwise, the Ages features volume, gain and two-band EQ controls, plus a dry knob to alter your dirt, and blend in your clean signal.

Notably, the bass/treble controls are designed to boost or cut your signal before it hits the overdrive, so you can more easily adjust your single coils or humbuckers to better respond to the 'drive.

The Walrus Audio Ages overdrive pedal is available now for $199.

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