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Victory Unveils New V4 The Copper Preamp Pedal

Victory V4 The Copper
(Image credit: Victory Amplification)

Victory Amplification has unveiled its new V4 The Copper preamp pedal.

A compact version of the company's popular VC35 The Copper amp head, the V4 can be used in conjunction with an amp's FX loop, or straight into the front of an amp or recording interface.

Featuring one EC900 and three CV4014 tubes, it's designed to produce “chiming EL84 cleans, expressive mid-gain sweetness and rich classic-rock roar” a lá the Vox AC30.

Control-wise, the V4 has two master volume dials, single gain and tone controls, a three-band EQ, and an additional footswitchable treble boost. Bass frequencies can be further adjusted via the pedal's Bass Mode switch. 

Victory's V4 The Copper preamp pedal is available now for $519.

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