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RockBoard Debuts New MOD 4 Guitar Wireless System

(Image credit: RockBoard)

Rockboard has unveiled its new MOD 4 wireless system receiver and patchbay for pedalboards.

The MOD 4's chief goal is to provide users with a rock-solid wireless connection between their instrument and their pedalboard. The MOD 4's patchbay module is designed to route connections from underneath the user's pedalboard to its front, giving the user a central access point.

The wireless system works in the 2.4 GHz ISM band, for unlimited worldwide use, and features a 20 Hz - 20 kHz frequency range with just 5 ms of latency. The MOD 4 also features a detachable front plate for mounting on top or underneath pedalboards.

(Image credit: RockBoard)

Elsewhere, the MOD 4 features four selectable channels, 24 bit/48 kHz uncompressed digital transmission and approximately 100 feet of range. It fits MOD slots in RockBoard pedalboards and is compatible with a wide range of other boards.

The Rockboard MOD 4 wireless system receiver and patchbay for pedalboards will be available - individually or in combination with a U2 Transmitter - in July 2020. No price has been revealed as of press time.

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