Reverb Faces Stiff Competition as Sweetwater Launches the Sweetwater Gear Exchange

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Founded in 1979, Sweetwater is currently America's leading eCommerce provider of musical instruments and audio gear.

From musicians and recording studios to broadcast, education, and houses of worship, Sweetwater has been providing customers with quality equipment from coast to coast for decades.

Today, Sweetwater has announced the launch of the Sweetwater Gear Exchange.

As a company heavily staffed by musicians, Sweetwater are well aware how important it is to be able to trade old, unused equipment.

Most guitar players know what it’s like to have gear knocking around gathering dust. So why not trade it to fund something useful?  

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With Sweetwater Gear Exchange, you can browse through new listings for a decent deal and maybe even score a cool piece of vintage gear.

To kick things off, for a limited time Sweetwater are offering a special no fees deal when customers select payout in the form of a Sweetwater Gift Card.

“Being avid music makers ourselves, we know how real the connection can be between the musician and their gear,” said Sweetwater’s CMO, David Stewart.

“It goes beyond just being an instrument and becomes an extension of the artist. Whether it’s someone’s first guitar or an old recording interface, every piece of gear has a story.

The Gear Exchange provides music makers and gearheads the opportunity to find a common place to buy and sell items

David Stewart, Sweetwater CMO

“The Gear Exchange provides music makers and gearheads the opportunity to find a common place to buy and sell items, sharing the remarkable stories behind each unique piece

“We are excited to provide a new forum for artists to find the perfect equipment to make the music they love.”

In addition to their dedicated team of administrators monitoring the marketplace for any potential security risks, Sweetwater says they have implemented “tight fraud prevention measures” in order to maintain customers’ safety.

All in all, it looks like a great way to safely buy and sell through a long-established and -trusted firm.

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Rod Brakes

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