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Pigtronix Goes Cosmic with New Space Rip, Moon Pool, Constellator Mini-Pedals

Pigtronix's new Constellator, Space Rip, and Moon Pool mini-pedals
(Image credit: Pigtronix)

Pigtronix has gone decidedly cosmic with its new trio of mini pedals: the Space Rip, Moon Pool, and Constellator.

The Space Rip is a guitar synth, the Moon Pool is a tremvelope phaser, while the Constellator is a modulated analog delay. You can read more about each of the feature-packed (for their size) new mini-pedals below. 

Space Rip

Pigtronix Space Rip

(Image credit: Pigtronix)

The Space Rip specializes in pulse width modulations, with square wave and sawtooth voices, a tracking engine to maximize pitch and minimize latency, and a Tune knob.

Others controls include a Rate switch – which controls the modulation speed – an Octave switch – which drops the synth sound down a full octave – and a Sub switch, which adds an extra voice one octave down.

Moon Pool

Pigtronix Moon Pool

(Image credit: Pigtronix)

An analog tremolo and phaser shifter in one diminutive package, the Moon Pool features a variable bias tremolo design and a four-stage phaser. Independent speed control – dependent on the user's picking intensity – is on hand for both the tremolo and the phaser.

Additional controls include a Trem/Phase switch – which allows players to select either or both effects – two three-way toggle switches, and a dynamically-inclined Sensitivity control.


Pigtronix Constellator

(Image credit: Pigtronix)

Loaded with self-oscillation capabilities, the Constellator is an all-analog echo that packs up to 600ms of delay time and an adjustable modulation. A feel toggle switch, for additional tweaking of the LFO modulation, comes aboard the mini-pedal as well.

The Pigtronix Space Rip, Moon Pool, and Constellator all run on 9V DC power, and are available now for $179.

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