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NUX Debuts New Optima Air Acoustic Guitar Simulator

(Image credit: NUX)

NUX has unveiled its new Optima Air acoustic guitar simulator.

A dual-switch simulator that includes an acoustic/electric guitar preamp, the Optima Air promises to simulate any acoustic guitar tone and convert it into an IR file. The pedal's profile capture function also enables users to create their own acoustic guitar IR profile.

The pedal's IR loader is combined with a preamp that allows users to fine-tune their sound via a 3-band equalizer. Users can also attach any effect pedal using the Send/Return effect loop and add the Optima Air into their signal chain.

The Optima Air also features a reverb effect, an XLR DI output for direct line/mixer connection, a headphone output and an auxiliary input.

The NUX Optima Air acoustic guitar simulator and preamp is available now for $179.

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