U2 in a box? MXR goes for "atmospheric perfection" with new Joshua Ambient Echo delay pedal

MXR has unveiled its latest effects unit, a versatile-looking stompbox called the Joshua Ambient Echo delay pedal.

Now, for obvious reasons, MXR can't explicitly say 'get that classic U2 sound with this new pedal!' but if that's what you're after, from the sounds of the demo, and the fact that the Joshua was inspired by vintage-style rack units – not to mention, of course, the pedal's name – you'll certainly find it here. 

However, the Joshua aims to be much more than an Edge tone simulator in all but name, promising “tonal trips out of the ’60s and ’70s” in addition to the “ethereal ambience of the ’80s” you'd expect. 

MXR's Joshua Ambient Echo delay pedal

(Image credit: MXR/Instagram)

Indeed, the Joshua pedal gives players a lot to chew on, with six knobs – Division, Mix, Regen, Delay, Mod, and Voice – plus Trail and Echo 2 buttons.

Delay and Regen adjust the tempo and number of repeats, while Division lets players select between 1/4 note, dotted 1/8 note, 1/8 note, 1/8 note triplet, double delay with an 1/8 note, and dotted 1/8 note subdivisions.

Mod, meanwhile, lets users add “lush, chewy modulation” to their delay signal, with Voice allowing for the mixing in of -1 sub octave, +1 octave up, and +2 octave up signals. 

Aside from the knobs, the Echo 2 button adds a secondary set of repeats to the delay, while Trails lets the echoes gradually fade even after the pedal is disengaged.

Overall, MXR describes the pedal as “a tonal recipe expertly concocted for those who seek atmospheric perfection. Whether you're an ambient rock enthusiast or a tonal architect, this pedal is your ticket to iconic sonic sanctuaries.” Whether “iconic sonic sanctuaries” include giant spheres, however, remains to be seen...

The MXR Joshua Ambient Echo delay pedal comes with expression pedal connectivity and stereo functionality, and is available now for $239. 

For more info on the pedal, visit jimdunlop.com.

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