Line 6 is rolling back the clock, discounting the Helix Floor and LT to its original launch price - save a mega $200!

We live in a world of what seems like almost constant price increases whether it’s your energy bills or fuel for your car. So it’s something of a shock when you see a company announce they’re reducing the price of their flagship products. That’s exactly what Line 6 has done, knocking a hefty $200 off both their Helix Floor and LT amp modeling units. The price drop is already live at Sweetwater and Guitar Center, so you can take advantage right away. 

Line 6 Helix LT: Was $1,199.99, now $999.99

Line 6 Helix LT: Was $1,199.99, now $999.99
The lightweight version of the flagship amp modeler, the Line 6 Helix LT carries all the awesome amp and effects models of its larger cousin but saves you space by omitting some of the connectivity. It's already available at the new price from Guitar Center, Sweetwater, and Musician's Friend, so you can grab it at a reduction right away. It also includes a dedicated backpack as part of the price, so you can take it to your next rehearsal or show in style.

Line 6 Helix: Was $1,699.99, now $1,499.99

Line 6 Helix: Was $1,699.99, now $1,499.99
The premier model of Line 6's amp modeling range is the Helix Floor, which features a massive array of tonal control options and all the connectivity you'll ever need. The new lower price has already been reflected at Guitar Center, Musician's Friend, and Sweetwater so you can grab it right away. The deal also includes a dedicated backpack totally free, so you can take it to your next show safely.

By fixing some post-COVID supply chain issues, Line 6 and Yamaha have managed to return these two units to the price they were always supposed to be. It’s awesome news for guitar players everywhere, as it looks like this price is here to stay. If you’ve just bought a Helix Floor or LT and are annoyed to see the price go down, it’s worth contacting your retailer as we’ve heard some new users report that both Sweetwater and Guitar Center have refunded the difference if it was bought within a particular timeframe.

Both the Helix Floor and LT sit right next to each other in the hierarchy of all things Helix, so which would be best for you? Well straight off the bat you won’t need to worry about tones, because both units feature all the same amp models and effects. They both have the same amount of switches too, although the LT doesn’t feature the cool LED labels. Physically the LT is smaller, which could be handy if you’re taking it to gigs but the differences are minimal.

One place where they do diverge significantly is the connectivity. To make the LT smaller, Line 6 has had to remove some of the connectivity so you don’t get the XLR-in, multiple expression connections, or multiple send/return options that the bigger Helix Floor has. If you’ve got a complex rig then it makes sense to go for the Helix Floor, but if you haven’t got as much money to spend, you’ll be pleased to know you’re not missing out massively if you go for the cheaper LT.

Matt McCracken
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