Keeley Unveils New Daniel Donato Cosmic Country Phaser Pedal

Keeley Daniel Donato Cosmic Country Phaser
(Image credit: Keeley Electronics)

Keeley Electronics has teamed up with up-and-coming country guitarist Daniel Donato to create the Cosmic Country Phaser pedal.

The first pedal in Keeley's new Artist Series, this psychedelic-lookin' phaser features four knobs and three operating modes – two, four, or six stages of phasing. These phasing levels can be controlled with the center toggle switch, while the four knobs allow for depth, rate, feedback, and level tweaking, respectively.

The feedback control incorporates output from a later stage of phasing into an earlier stage – near the input – the rate manages the speed of the low-frequency oscillation sweeps, while the depth control manages the, well, depths of the "peaks and valleys" generated by the pedal.

Keeley Electronics Daniel Donato Cosmic Country Phaser

(Image credit: Keeley Electronics)

“Dependability, flexibility, and durability make a great guitar. What makes an amazing pedal? That special sauce that Keeley puts into each of their circuits," Donato said in a statement. "The Cosmic Country phaser takes the sound I hear in my mind, and blows it through each speaker it comes in contact with.”

The Keeley Daniel Donato Cosmic Country Phaser pedal will be available starting December 22 for $179

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