Hughes & Kettner Unveils New Spirit AmpMan Pedal Amps

Hughes & Kettner's new Spirit AmpMan pedal amplifier
(Image credit: Hughes & Kettner)

Hughes & Kettner has unveiled its new Spirit AmpMan series of compact pedal amplifiers.

Comprised of two models, the Modern and Classic, both pedals in the new line come loaded with Hughes & Kettner's proprietary, all-analog Spirit Tone generator technology, a 50-watt Ultra-Responsive power amp, a pair of distinct channels, and the latest version of Hughes & Kettner's Red Box AE+ cabinet emulator, with eight zero-latency cabinet models.

Advertised as "worthy heirs" to the company's early-90s era TubeMan pedal, the pedals aim to deliver vintage clean or muscly classic rock tones (if you go for the Classic), or everything from "pristine" cleans to brutal metal grind (if you spring for the Modern).

Controls on the pedals come in the form of resonance, presence, tone, and sagging controls for each channel, plus volume, master volume, and gain knobs for further tonal tweaking.

The Spirit AmpMan pedals also feature an FX loop – that works in tandem with a noise gate – to allow for easy integration with other effects, plus footswitches for channel select, boost, and solo.

The Hughes & Kettner Spirit AmpMan pedal amps are available now for $349 a pop.

For more info on the pedals, stop by (opens in new tab).

Hughes & Kettner's new Spirit AmpMan pedal amp

(Image credit: Hughes & Kettner)