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Eventide Announces New PowerMINI, PowerMINI EXP, PowerMAX rev 2 Power Supplies

(Image credit: Eventide Audio)

Eventide has unveiled its new PowerMINI, PowerMINI EXP and PowerMAX rev 2 pedalboard power supplies.

PowerMINI, true to its name, is a compact isolated power supply for smaller pedalboards. It provides two outputs rated at 9VDC/660 mA, plus two outputs switchable to 9, 12, 15 or 18VDC at up to 660mA, and weighs in at .5 pounds, while measuring one inch high.

It can be used on its own or as an expander for the PowerMAX via a 24VDC aux input. The PowerMINI also includes seven flex cables and an inline external AC power adaptor. It is usable worldwide.

Eventide PowerMINI

Eventide PowerMINI (Image credit: Eventide)

The PowerMINI EXP is the expander kit for the PowerMAX rev 2. It's identical to the PowerMINI in every respect other than the low-profile inline external AC power adapter, which it lacks. It does, however, include a 24VDC Link cable for direct connection to the PowerMAX rev 2. 

The PowerMINI EXP can be used stand-alone, as an expander kit for the PowerMAX rev 2 via the 24VDC aux link, or for low-current analog pedals using the supplied cables on the original PowerMAX.

It can also be powered from any power adaptor rated from 9-24VDC, and its expansion kit includes seven flex cables for feeding pedals, plus the 24VDC Link cable to directly connect to the PowerMAX rev 2.

Eventide PowerMAX

Eventide PowerMAX (Image credit: Eventide)

Weighing in at one pound and measuring one inch high, the PowerMAX rev 2 adds a dedicated, isolated 24VDC auxiliary output to the original PowerMAX.

Each outlet has an individual LED status indicator, and a three-color LED true power meter gives a visual representation of how much power is being used in total.

It packs 42W of power, and can power up to seven high-current pedals via three outputs of 9VDC/660mA and four outputs switchable to 9, 12, 15 or 18VDC at up to 660mA. A 24VDC AUX output to feed a PowerMINI expander and a USB output to power a smartphone or tablet also come standard.

The Eventide PowerMINI, PowerMINI EXP and PowerMAX rev 2 are each available now for $129, $109 and $209, respectively.

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