“Don’t Do This at Home”: Watch ThorpyFX Find out if Their Pedals Really Are Bombproof in This Explosive Video

(Image credit: Six String Tales/YouTube)

Adrian Thorpe’s pedals are renowned for their robust build.

When the ex-British Army Major took his military training into the world of stompboxes he brought with him a trademark style that has drawn accolades such as ‘bulletproof’ and ‘bombproof.’

I was an explosives specialist

Adrian Thorpe

It’s a fair comment, given those distinctive holes in the sides of ThorpyFX pedals take inspiration from a type of anti-RPG armour.

“I had a career as an Ammunition Technical Officer, which is the full title of my trade within the British Army,” reveals Thorpe. “I was an explosives specialist.”


(Image credit: Six String Tales/YouTube)

With names like the Gunshot Overdrive (ThorpyFX’s first pedal,) the Fallout Cloud Fuzz and the Veteran (Si) Vintage Fuzz and Boost it would be hard to overlook the firm’s distinctive theme.

They’ve even managed to militarize circuit designer Dan Coggins’s legendary Lovetone pedals during his ongoing collaboration, including the Bunker Drive (Lovetone Brown Source MKII) and the Field Marshal Fuzz (Lovetone Big Cheese MKII.)

While steadily expanding their range over the years, ThorpyFX units have been spotted on the pedalboards of many a notable guitarist such as Ed O’Brien, Graham Coxon, J Mascis, Ariel Posen, Joey Landreth, Dave Gregory and Chris Robertson.


He may look shocked but Welsh guitarist Chris Buck had a blast (Image credit: Six String Tales/YouTube)

For many, that would be testament to quality enough. Yet it seems ThorpyFX’s relentless R&D has no bounds.

Don't test my theories; we've done it so that you don't have to

Adrian Thorpe

With the help of Welsh guitar whizz Chris Buck, the team put the ‘bombproof’ theory into practice by testing how ThorpyFX pedals stood up to a series of actual explosions.

“Everything is legal,” insists Thorpe. “Everything's above board. Everything’s safe. Don’t do this at home. Don't test my theories; we've done it so that you don't have to.”

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