Boss’s Best-Selling Pedal Gets Waza Crafted With the DS-1W Distortion

Boss DS-1W Distortion
(Image credit: Roland/BOSS)

Boss has unveiled the most recent addition to their acclaimed Waza Craft line: the DS-1W Distortion (opens in new tab).

Officially described as a “complete redesigning of the original circuits by the original developers,” Waza stompboxes are refined versions of classic Boss compact pedals, representing the apex of the Japanese firm’s world-renowned ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Easily differentiated by a ‘W’ suffix and kanji logo, the Boss Waza Craft range now comprises the DS-1W Distortion; BD-2W Blues Driver (opens in new tab); SD-1W Super Overdrive (opens in new tab); DM-2W Delay (opens in new tab); CE-2W Chorus (opens in new tab); VB-2W Vibrato (opens in new tab); TU-3W Chromatic Tuner (opens in new tab); MT-2W Metal Zone (opens in new tab); DC-2W Dimension C (opens in new tab); HM-2W Heavy Metal (opens in new tab) and FZ-1W Fuzz (opens in new tab).

So what new features does the Boss DS-1W Distortion have?

Featuring a revised two-stage gain circuit this analog dirtbox now boasts two modes: Standard and Custom.

In Standard mode, the DS-1W incorporates a discrete circuit version of the original DS-1, delivering legendary tone that ranges from a light boost to heavy gain.

In Custom mode, a thicker, more midrange-focused variation can be explored – something Boss describes as “an evolution of the iconic sound that retains the essence of the DS-1.”

Boss DS-1W Distortion

A two-way switch labelled 'S' and 'C' toggles between Standard and Custom modes, respectively (Image credit: Roland/BOSS)

The original DS-1 Distortion – Boss’s first bespoke distortion pedal – was released in 1978, the year after the brand’s now iconic compact pedal format made its debut with the OD-1 Over Drive (opens in new tab), PH-1 Phaser and SP-1 Spectrum.

Over the decades since its release the DS-1 Distortion has been spotted on the pedalboards of some of the guitar world’s most influential players, including Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Kurt Cobain.

Boss’s best-selling pedal of all time (over 1.5 million units and counting!) the DS-1 Distortion was superseded by the DS-2 Turbo Distortion in 1987 – itself a modern classic.

A collectible version known as the DS-1-4A Distortion was released in limited quantities in a black finish in order to commemorate the pedal’s 40th anniversary.

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