Pedalpocalypse: Steve Vai And The Pedals He Couldn't Live Without

Steve Vai
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Pedalpocalypse is a new show from Guitar Player, MusicRadar and Guitar World. Produced in the US by British guitarist Robin Davey, in each episode we ask guitarists: “If you could only take three guitar pedals with you into a future lockdown and/or zombie apocalypse, which ones would they be?”

We kick off a new round of episodes with Steve Vai. Recorded at his home studio in LA, Vai talks us through his favorite pedals and demonstrates how he uses them to get the Steve Vai sound. 

He also gives us a peak at his extensive collection of effects pedals. Vai is the third installment of Pedalpocalypse – catch up on all the videos below.

Steve's choices include the Ibanez Jemini Distortion pedal, a signature pedal ("I love tube screamers"), the Boss DD-7 digital delay ("a beautiful workhorse") and the Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah. Why Steve? "I like wah-wahs," he says, "Delay, distortion and wah-wah. I just like it!"

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