Behold, the Latest Evolution of Walrus Audio's Chorus/Vibrato, the Julianna

Walrus Audio Julianna Deluxe
(Image credit: Walrus Audio)

Take a look at any roundup of the best chorus pedals today, and it's likely you'll find Walrus Audio's Julia on the list somewhere. Famed for its extensive control features, it enables users to craft seemingly unlimited chorus sounds.

And now, the company has taken the Julia and added a host of new features, creating the Julianna Deluxe Chorus/Vibrato. Amongst them, perhaps most obviously, are the new stereo inputs and outputs, as well as an extra footswitch to operate the onboard tap tempo.

Included within is a new Drift function, which causes the LFO to lightly speed up and down, while the Secondary LFO speed ramps the LFO rate up or down based on the position of the rate knob. These features can be accessed by holding the bypass or tap footswitch and adjusting the rate or depth knob.

And with both new random wave shape and tap multiplier options, the company is promising a "near-infinite" array of sounds.

The controls that remain from the Julia include Lag, Dry-Chorus-Vibrato Blend, Rate, Depth and selectable LFO wave shapes.

The Julianna is available now for $249. For more information, head to Walrus Audio (opens in new tab).