Donner Rising-G Pro Review

This reasonably priced, carbon fiber travel guitar is great for jamming or doing a low-volume gig on a small stage

Donner Rising-G Pro
(Image: © Donner)

GuitarPlayer Verdict

A good choice for acoustic pickers and songwriters who don’t need amplification


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    Great look

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    Plays well

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    Delivers impressive volume for its size


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    This guitar begs for a pickup system

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Donner’s latest entry in the acoustic guitar market is the Rising-G Pro, a compact instrument made almost entirely of carbon fiber.

Measuring 38 inches long and weighing a little over four pounds, it qualifies as a travel guitar, and is certainly is well suited to taking into extreme conditions thanks to a one-piece body that is said to remain stable and nondeforming at temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees centigrade (-4 ˚F) and as high as 80 degrees centigrade (176 ˚F) while being immune to humidity.

To achieve its goal of creating a guitar made of carbon that sounds like a wood instrument, Donner also developed an A-shaped bracing design which it says “helps make the vibration transfer between strings and body smoother,” while ensuring that “each frequency band of sound is balanced and strong.”

Donner Rising-G Pro

(Image credit: Donner)

The construction also features an integrated neck that melds seamlessly into the cutaway body and does not have a heel like a traditional acoustic. The neck’s medium C profile is comfortable and inviting for strumming and fingerstyle playing, and the HPL fingerboard carries 20 well-groomed and polished frets that are rounded and smoothed on the ends.

The nut is also properly notched and does not have any sharp edges. The guitar plays well – although I’d prefer the action a little lower and the acoustic strings a bit lighter – and the factory setup allowed the Rising-G Pro to sound musically in tune in all positions.

Donner uses what’s called a “parametric sound hole” that gives the Rising-G Pro impressive volume and low-end kick. The sound is balanced top to bottom, but probably because of the port’s location on the upper bout, you can really feel the bass when playing, which is a cool thing.

Donner Rising-G Pro

(Image credit: Donner)

Donner says the parametric sound hole is also designed to direct sound to the listeners, and it definitely pushes air efficiently and projects well, considering the guitar’s small body.

I do wish the Rising-G Pro a pickup system so it could have been tested in a live-performance situation. A basic electronics package wouldn’t add much to the cost and would greatly enhance flexibility, so hopefully a pickup will be made available in a future offering, which Donner says is in the works, so stay tuned.

If you seek a guitar with a stylish appearance that sounds bigger than its small size suggests, the Rising-G Pro is certainly one worth checking out

All said, however, the Rising-G Pro has a nice acoustic sound and sustains well, making it an enjoyable guitar to play when jamming or doing a low-volume gig on a small stage.

It’s more fun to play than most dedicated travel guitars, and it looks sleek and modern with the woven-pattern top, curvy bridge and tapering of the fingerboard at the 17th fret.

The reasonably priced Rising-G Pro is a good choice for acoustic pickers and songwriters who don’t need amplification. If you seek a guitar with a stylish appearance that sounds bigger than its small size suggests, the Rising-G Pro is certainly one worth checking out.

Donner Rising-G Pro

(Image credit: Donner)


  • NUT: Graphite, 1.69” wide
  • NECK: Carbon fiber
  • FRETBOARD: HPL (high-pressure laminate), 25” scale
  • FRETS: 20
  • TUNERS: Dark chrome die-cast
  • BODY: Carbon fiber, one piece
  • TOP: Carbon fiber
  • BRIDGE: Carbon fiber, with compensated saddle
  • FACTORY STRINGS: Elixir medium-gauge phosphor bronze
  • WEIGHT: 4.42 lbs (tested)
  • EXTRAS: Includes padded gig-bag, tuner, capo, strap, and picks. Four color choices: Cloud White, Carbon Dark, Apricot Yellow and Sky Blue
  • BUILT: China

Visit Donner for more information.

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