Three Guitarists, Six Hands, 30 Fingers, One Guitar | VIDEO


Marga Abejo, Iqui Vinculado and Jenny de Vera are known collectively as Triple Fret, an all-female guitar trio from the Philippines. They’ve made a name for themselves in their own country with an extensive classical guitar repertoire that includes tangos, jazz standards, traditional Filipino songs and classical works.

Now they appear to be on the cusp of a viral moment, thanks to a GoPro video that shows them performing the Jamaican folk song “Calypso” together on one guitar. The video has been getting some attention in the media over the past few days, which is how I first became aware of it.

Iqui starts things off alone, playing on the high strings, and is joined by Marga, who plays the lower melody. Jenny then joins to handle the bass notes.

The group has been performing the song this way for some time, apparently. A video on their YouTube channel that was posted on December 23, 2013, shows them playing a longer version of it onstage. I’ve included that one below.

You can learn more about Triple Fret at their website, on their Facebook page and on their YouTube channel