Joe Satriani Recommends Listening to these Five Lesser-Known Guitar Solos

Joe Satriani, 2020
(Image credit: Jen Rosenstein/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

In our latest issue we explore the ‘Greatest Solos of All Time’ as voted for by you the readers in our recent pole. We also decided to get in touch with a crop of star guitarists to explore their opinions.

With one catch, however.

They had to refrain from the obvious. No Hendrix. No Clapton. No Gilmour, et cetera. It’s always interesting to talk music with other musicians and find out about some of the players and songs they hold dear, including those which might not get as much love from the guitar community at large.

Here’s what electric guitar wizard Joe Satriani had to say…

Scott Henderson, Vibe Station (opens in new tab)


“The whole album is stunning, but this one track always makes me smile and blows my mind. Scott plays bebop blues on electric guitar like no other. Not one wasted note. It’s such a freaky, great performance. And the guitar tone!”

Scott Henderson 'Vibe Station' album artwork

(Image credit: Scott Henderson)

Robin Trower, Bridge of Sighs (opens in new tab)


“I love how Robin invites us to share his joy of playing guitar with this song’s extended outro solo section. It’s an organic Stratocaster, Uni-Vibe (opens in new tab), Marshall stack performance with an authentic mid-’70s vibe. He achieves a killer tone at a cool, laid-back pace. We’re so lucky he committed this to tape for us to enjoy.”

Robin Trower 'Bridge of Sighs' album artwork

(Image credit: Chrysalis Records)

The New Tony Williams New Lifetime, Believe It (opens in new tab)


“I love this solo not only for its technical brilliance but also for its melodic architecture and dramatic nature. It begins lyrically, then explodes into breathtaking sheets of sound, and it finishes with a few beautiful, elegant phrases. And all of it is played on an SG through a Small Stone phase shifter (opens in new tab) into a Marshall stack! It still takes my breath away.”

The New Tony Williams New Lifetime 'Believe It' album artwork

(Image credit: Columbia Records)

Jonny Lang, Signs (opens in new tab)


“This song is so beautiful, so real, and it’s all heart. Only Jonny would be brave enough to tackle this song with a straight-up guitar-amp vérité approach like this. Every note is heartbreaking. Jonny’s vocal performance has so much emotion, it’s almost impossible to follow it with a solo, but he pulls it off as only he can.”

Jonny Lang 'Signs' album artwork

(Image credit: Provogue Records)

Neal Schon, Universe (opens in new tab)


“This whole song is one incredibly beautiful and powerful solo performance. It’s all heart and raw emotion, yet still polished, with the sweetest intonation and vibrato. Neal’s timing and phrasing are always impeccable, natural and musical. He just keeps getting better all the time!”

Neal Schon 'Universe' album artwork

(Image credit: Neal Schon Music)
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