David Crosby Apologizes to Neil Young for “Poisonous” Comments | VIDEO

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David Crosby attempted to make up with Neil Young on The Howard Stern Show recently by taking back comments he made about Young’s girlfriend, actress Daryl Hannah.

Crosby had criticized Hannah in September 2014, referring to her as a “purely poisonous predator” in an interview with the Idaho Statesman. His comments had been prompted by Young’s decision to leave his wife, Pegi, to whom he’d been married since 1978.

Speaking on Stern’s program, Crosby apologized, saying, “I have screwed up massively. Daryl Hannah never wound up in a Texas prison. I’m screwed up way worse than that girl. Where do I get off criticizing her? She’s making Neil happy. I love Neil and I want him happy.”

Crosby was referring to his 1982 arrest in Dallas for drug possession, driving under the influence of cocaine and carrying a concealed weapon.

Stern suggested that Crosby had made his comments out of love for Young, and Crosby concurred. “I was worried that he was going to be taken advantage of,” he said. “But the truth is that’s not my place to judge.”

Crosby admitted that he had never apologized to Hannah. “But I’m doing that right now,” he said. “Daryl, if you’re out there, I apologize. Where do I get off criticizing you? There are people I can criticize: politicians, pond scum. Not other artists that have gone through a hard life, same as me. She hasn’t had it easy either.”

Crosby said he had called Young shortly after the Statesman article came out and apologized. “He wanted me to print a retraction,” Crosby said. “I said, ‘I don’t know about that.’ The first thing that I did was apologize right away. I said, ‘Neil, I shouldn’t have shot my mouth off. I’m sorry.’”

He said he had made his criticism believing it was off the record. But he told Stern, “That’s neither here nor there.”

Young has not replied to Crosby’s new apology. When he appeared on the Stern show last October, he refused to mention Crosby’s name, referring to their group as “uh…Stills, Nash and Young.” He also said that a CSNY reunion would not happen.

“We were together for a long time. We did some good work. Why should we get together and celebrate how great we were? What difference does it make?” Young said. “It’s not for the audience. It’s not for money, either. When you play music, you have to come from a certain place to do it and everything has to be clear and you don’t want to disturb that. I like to keep the love there, and if the love isn’t there, you don’t want to do it.”

Here’s a video of CSNY performing “Down by the River” in happier times.