“Astonishing” Led Zeppelin: Bruce Dickinson Names the Early Zep Performance You Need to See | VIDEO


Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson recently gave a shout out to a 1969 Led Zeppelin performance as one of his favorites, calling it “astonishing” and “primal.”

Dickinson made his comments in an interview with Loudwire when asked to reveal the vocalists that he looks up to.

“There are bits of people all over the place,” he replied. “In terms of singers, you could put the usual suspects there and say Ronnie Dio.

“Ronnie is just a legend. When I was 16, I was listening to Rainbow Rising, and I was just like, ‘Who is this guy? Oh my God!’ ”

Dickinson also credited Deep Purple singer Ian Gillian. “Back in 1971, 72—Made in Japan, the live album, Deep Purple, Ian Gillan, that whole vibe.

And, finally, Led Zeppelin.

“And then again, the early Robert Plant stuff, the really early Zeppelin,” he said. “Unbelievable!

“”My favorite stuff from that era is—they did Danish TV shows, and they did live, live, live [performance]. Wow! It’s completely unedited, raw, as it was. And it’s just astonishing! It’s primal, it really is!”

You can see the relevant clip from Dickinson’s interview below. But first, let’s take a look at Led Zeppelin on Danish TV in 1969.