Wampler Unveils Two New Mini Overdrive Pedals – The Plexi-Drive Mini And Belle Overdrive

Wampler Plexi-Drive Mini and Belle Overdrive
(Image credit: Wampler Pedals)

Wampler has increased its compact overdrive offering with a downsized version of its popular Plexi-Drive, as well as the all-new Belle Overdrive.

The Plexi-Drive Mini offers its predecessor's Marshall Plexi and JTM45-style tones, but this time with a new Mid Boost circuit.

Brian Wampler says the new pedal tweaks several gain stages at once for considerable tonal flexibility, bolstered by its returning Bass Boost toggle, Tone, Gain and Volume controls.

The brand-new Belle Overdrive is a low gain-focused stompbox that's based on a "firm favorite in Nashville". We reckon this likely refers to an old session pick, the Nobels ODR-1.

Wampler says its own version has an increased gain range, and less of a "hi-fi" quality.

Along with its Color control – which boosts or cuts the high and low-end without affecting the mid frequencies – the pedal also features a Bass control, as well as the typical Level and Gain.

A side-mounted push-switch promises extra punch by adjusting the amount of compression and tweaking the circuit's clipping structure.

Both pedals can run on 9-18V power supplies. They're built in the USA, and available now for $149.97 apiece. Note that the Belle Overdrive is only available from Sweetwater in the USA and Thomann in Europe.

For more information, head to Wampler Pedals (opens in new tab).