The New Boss SL-2 Slicer Pedal Is in a Class of Its Own

Boss SL-2 Slicer
(Image credit: Roland/Boss)

Making its debut in the 2008 Boss catalog, the SL-20 Slicer Audio Pattern Processor promised to “instantly transform a guitar, bass, keyboard, or vocal into a pulsating groove instrument.”

With 50 onboard Slice patterns, a 40-second loop function, 3D Panning and more, this Twin Pedal series stompbox was said to “inject a shot of high-octane fuel into your music,” though it was eventually dropped from production several years ago.

However, as is so often the case with discontinued products, the SL-20 subsequently picked up a bit of a cult following. Guitarists as well as keyboardists, loop performers, DJs and producers all wanted their own slice of the SL-20.

With prices of used SL-20s continuously on the rise (they’ve been going for upwards of $300 lately) and following innumerable requests from music makers for Boss to update this sought-after effect, the firm has finally responded with the new SL-2 Slicer.

Evolving directly from the larger SL-20 Twin Pedal, the SL-2 appears in Boss’s iconic compact pedal format and takes the distinctive Slicer sound forward with expanded capabilities.

DSP has come a long way since the ‘00s, and with a $169.99 price tag the upgraded SL-2 Slicer will no doubt be giving the old SL-20 a run for its money on the used market.

Chopping your signal into unique percussive patterns, Boss says the new pedalboard-friendly SL-2 Slicer delivers “rich, animated sounds using single and dual paths chained with multiple internal effects.”

Boss SL-2 Slicer

(Image credit: Roland/Boss)

Now with 88 patterns to choose from (comprising eight types and 11 variations) plus additional patterns via the BOSS Tone Studio app, the SL-2 offers an original style of effect that works equally as well in the studio as it does on stage.

Utilizing the SL-2 Slicer’s two outputs and seven output modes, guitar players can experiment with the stereo field using a variety of processing options.

Furthermore, with MIDI CC message and clock sync functions, tap tempo, momentary switching and multiple parameter expression control, the new Boss SL-2 takes the Slicer’s creative potential to a whole new level.

Boss SL-2 Slicer

(Image credit: Roland/Boss)

Visit Boss for more information.

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