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Rick Beato Offers First Look at His Signature Gibson Les Paul Special

An example of Rick Beato's new signature Gibson Les Paul Special
(Image credit: Rick Beato/Instagram)

Back in January, guitar YouTube favorite Rick Beato announced that he and Gibson had teamed up to create a new signature guitar based on his beloved TV Yellow Les Paul Special DC.

Now, on Instagram, Beato has given the world a first look at the instrument.

“Here’s my new Rick Beato signature Gibson LP Special in Pelham Blue,” he wrote. “This is the first one off the line! I am at the Gibson factory and got to see the guitars in progress. Totally cool!”

In January, during a New Year's Eve livestream, Beato revealed how the guitar came about, saying at the time “About a year ago, I was approached about having a signature Gibson by Cesar [Gueikian, CMO at Gibson] – a very good friend of mine who [asked], ‘If I were to have a signature guitar what would it be?’

“And I said […] I would like to have a Les Paul Special DC, like my TV Yellow one. And so I am now a Gibson endorser as of a few weeks ago.”

At the time, Beato said the guitar would be released this summer, and that he'd donate all proceeds from the sale of the instrument "to a music charity that I will talk about later on as we get closer to it.”

We'll be sure to let you know the full details of the instrument as soon we know them.

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