PRS Unveils Faded Blue Burst Edition of 35th Anniversary SE Custom 24

PRS 35th Anniversary SE Custom 24
(Image credit: PRS Guitars)

Despite the coronavirus pandemic hitting on the year of PRS's 35th anniversary, the guitar company has maintained a steady stream of new electric guitars. One such release from the past 12 months was the 35th Anniversary SE Custom 24, which launched back in October 2019.

With only 3,500 guitars - finished in Black Gold Wrap Burst - made in its initial run, some PRS enthusiasts missed out. Luckily, the company has announced a limited run of 3,000 models in a brand-new Faded Blue Burst finish.

The 35th Anniversary SE Custom 24 combines the standard Custom 24's sleek looks and playability with the extra switching options of the Paul's Guitar model.

The guitar's pickups can be adjusted via two mini-toggle switches, allowing users to put each, or both, pickups into either humbucking or single-coil modes.

The model also includes a 24-fret wide thin neck with abalone ‘old school’ birds and PRS's patented tremolo.

The 35th Anniversary SE Custom 24 is available now for $999. For more information, head to PRS Guitars (opens in new tab).