PRS, Sweetwater Team Up to Create the Owls in Flight Guitar

PRS Owls in Flight guitars
(Image credit: Sweetwater)

PRS has teamed up with music retail giant Sweetwater to create the Owls in Flight guitar.

A collaboration between PRS Guitars' Private Stock Director Paul Miles and Sweetwater Category Manager for Acoustic Instruments Thom Grant, the limited-edition Private Stock range was inspired by the owls that reside near Sweetwater's Fort Wayne, Indiana headquarters. 

Each Owls in Flight guitar features an exclusive Owls in Flight fingerboard inlay with a two-tone color scheme. Each of the guitars also sports a unique perched-owl headstock veneer - crafted from a variety of different, high-quality woods - and a unique “large gibbous moon” on the headstock, made from mother-of-pearl, glow-in-the-dark Luminlay and other materials.

The guitars' eye-catching finishes, according to Sweetwater (opens in new tab), were inspired by the texture of owl plumage, lingering sunsets and other scenes from nature.

The Owls in Flight guitars sport custom electronics. Buyers can spec out their own customized design or choose between Sweetwater's pre-built models.

For more info on the guitars, stop by (opens in new tab).