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MXR Debuts New M305 Tremolo Pedal

MXR Tremolo
(Image credit: Dunlop)

MXR has debuted its new M305 Tremolo pedal.

The M305 is anchored by six waveforms that run the gamut of tremolo tones - from classic sounds to all-new creations. 

The six modes are: a recreation of MXR's famous M159 MXR Stereo Tremolo; an SQR mode that produces a choppy tremolo; an Opto setting that emulates smooth, photo cell-generated pulsating tremolos; a Bias mode with sounds modeled after the tremolo effects found on early '60s tube amps; a Revo mode that runs the tremolo waveform backwards for more pronounced sonic peaks and valleys; and a Harm mode that emulates the phase-esque tremolo found on vintage Supros and Magnatones.

MXR M305 Tremolo

(Image credit: Dunlop)

Control-wise, the M305 features Speed, Gain and Depth knobs. The Gain knob can also be used as a push mode selector. The M305 also houses an additional jack on its side, which can be used as a tap tempo/expression output or - thanks to a small slider on the side of the pedal - a stereo output.

The MXR M305 Tremolo pedal is available now for $159.

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