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Mooer Audio Announces New GE300 LITE Multi-Effects Pedal

(Image credit: Mooer Audio)

Mooer Audio has debuted its new GE300 LITE multi-effects pedal.

A pared-down version of the company's flagship multi-effects unit, the GE300, this pedal features 108 digital amp models based on the company's non-linear amp modeling technology, 43 factory cab sims and a fully-featured IR loader.

These features are controlled by a triple-mode eight footswitch setup with assignable LED colors and functions, 13 effects blocks and 255 preset banks.

The pedal's Tone Capture feature has three modes: Amp Mode - which allows users to sample and capture their amplifier - Guitar Mode - which enables users to capture the EQ characteristics of their instrument - and Cab Mode - which provides users with an all-in-one tool to sample speaker cabinets and create their own IR files.

Elsewhere, the pedal features a programmable stereo effects loop, a 30-second looper station, external device switching and direct USB audio.

The Mooer Audio GE300 LITE multi-effects pedal is available now for $549.

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