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Mesa/Boogie Unveils New Cleo, Dynaplex and Gold Mine Overdrive Pedals

(Image credit: Mesa/Boogie)

Mesa/Boogie has unveiled three new overdrive pedals, the Cleo, Dynaplex and Gold Mine.

Each of the pedals focuses on a specific gain range - with tones ranging from clean boost to high gain.

The Cleo is a transparent boost/overdrive style pedal, focusing on vintage-inspired low to medium gain overdrive sounds, while the Dynaplex aims to replicate classic British crunch with punchy mids, chirping harmonics and lots of chime.

The Gold Mine, meanwhile, focuses on mid to high gain sounds, classic heavy chunk, rich gain with complex harmonics and big single-note sounds. The pedal's three-band EQ will allow users to tailor their tone to suit their own tastes. 

The Mesa/Boogie Cleo, Dynaplex and Gold Mine overdrive pedals are each available now for $199.

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