Listen to the New Grateful Dead Track “Feel Like A Stranger (Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY 3/9/81)”

Grateful Dead
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Grateful Dead are due to drop a bumper compilation of six previously unreleased concert recordings captured in New York during the early ‘80s.

Titled In And Out of the Garden: Madison Square Garden ’81, ’82, ’83, this mammoth 17-CD set is available exclusively from – the band’s official website.

Numbered and limited to 12,500 copies, this awesome collection looks back at Grateful Dead’s storied association with the hallowed grounds of Madison Square Garden and invites listeners to enjoy a front-row seat during an all too often overlooked period of the band’s history.

High-quality audio will also be available as a digital download in Apple Lossless and FLAC 192/24 formats.

Ahead of the September 23 release date, today the band dropped a teaser track, “Feel Like A Stranger (Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY 3/9/81).”

Take a listen here...

“As Jerry Garcia famously said, Madison Square Garden was ‘juiced.’ It had an energy unlike any other venue the Grateful Dead played,” said Grateful Dead legacy manager and archivist David Lemieux.  

“The Dead didn’t play the Garden until 1979, almost the midpoint of their performing career. But once they got rolling, they made it a home away from home, playing 10 shows in the next 15 years.

“These performances from 1981, 1982, and 1983 are six of the best the Dead played at the Garden, any of which could have been released on their own.”

A 3-CD release titled Madison Square Garden, New York, NY (3/9/81) is also available to pre-order from

Grateful Dead

(Image credit: Dave Van Patten)

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