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Introducing the Black Mountain Thumb Pick - a Combination Traditional Flatpick and Spring-Loaded Thumb Ring

(Image credit: Black Mountain Picks)

Black Mountain Picks has unveiled an innovative new thumb pick.

The crux of the pick is its unique design, which combines a more traditional flatpick with a patented, spring-loaded thumb ring.

The flatpick component is comprised of a modified 1.5 millimeter nylon pick with a beveled edge, while the thumb ring is "ergonomically sculpted to provide a universal fit," while simultaneously allowing for the flat pick to flex along with the picking motion.

All in all, the pick aims to provide heightened comfort, speed, string-feel and durability for guitar, banjo, steel, ukulele and other stringed instrument flat and thumb pickers.

The Black Mountain Thumb Pick is available in packs of three, for $19.95, seven, for $44.95, and 12, for $74.95.

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