Hear Eric Johnson's New Singles, Love Will Never Say Goodbye and Sitting on Top of the World

Eric Johnson plays one of his signature Fender guitars while seated on a couch
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Last month, electric guitar master Eric Johnson announced a pair of new studio albums, The Book of Making and Yesterday Meets Today.

Set for a July 29 release via Blue Élan Records, they each feature nine tracks, assembled from ideas Johnson had spent years – and in some cases decades – toying around with.

At the time he announced the albums, Johnson also premiered a track from each, "Yesterday Meets Today" (that respective LP's title track) and "Soundtrack Life," from The Book of Making.

Now, the Strat legend has premiered two more singles from the twin LPs – "Sitting On Top Of The World," from Yesterday Meets Today, and "Love Will Never Say Goodbye," from The Book of Making.

You can hear both tunes below.

"Sitting On Top Of The World" is a smooth display of the bluesier side of the guitarist's playing, while the upbeat, poppy "Love Will Never Say Goodbye" is more of a classically Johnson tune.

Despite their stylistic differences, though, both songs are instantly identifiable as Johnson's, with crystalline tone and right-on-the-money phrasing throughout.

Johnson explained in a press release that "Love Will Never Say Goodbye" came from "a basic track that I had from years ago and decided to overdub guitars and background vocals and percussion on. It has a bit of a Motown feel to it which was a favorite era of music to me."

"Sitting On Top Of The World," meanwhile, "is a classic blues number that I’ve always loved," Johnson continued.

"Howlin’ Wolf had a great version of it as well as Cream on their record Wheels Of Fire. I tried to do a slightly different version of it myself but still pay respect to the original intention."

The Book of Making and Yesterday Meets Today are both set for a July 29 release via Blue Élan Records. You can check out their covers and respective track lists below.

To preorder the albums, stop by blueelan.com.

The cover of Eric Johnson's forthcoming album, 'The Book of Making'

(Image credit: Blue Élan Records)

Eric Johnson – The Book of Making:

  1. "Soundtrack Life"
  2. "Floating Through This World"
  3. "Love Will Never Say Goodbye"
  4. "Bigger Than My Life"
  5. "Just To Be With You"
  6. "To Be Alive"
  7. "Another One Like You"
  8. "My Faith In You"
  9. "A Thousand Miles"

The cover of Eric Johnson's forthcoming album, 'Yesterday Meets Today'

(Image credit: Blue Élan Records)

Eric Johnson – Yesterday Meets Today:

  1. "Move On Over"
  2. "Yesterday Meets Today"
  3. "It’s Just The Rain"
  4. "Maha"
  5. "Hold On To Love"
  6. "Sitting On Top Of The World"
  7. "Dorsey Takes A Day Off"
  8. "JVZ"
  9. "Until We Meet Again"
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