Eric Johnson Announces Two New Albums

Eric Johnson performs at Fox Theater on February 27, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia
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Electric guitar great Eric Johnson has announced not one, but two, new full-length albums.

Titled The Book of Making and Yesterday Meets Today, the twin LPs each feature nine tracks, and are both set for a July 29 release via Blue Élan Records. According to Johnson, they each contain finished versions of ideas that he had been toying around with for a number of years, in some cases decades.

You can hear the lead single from each LP – "Yesterday Meets Today" (that respective LP's title track) and "Soundtrack Life," from The Book of Making – below.

The pristine instrumental “Soundtrack Life,” Johnson says, is "classic me. What people might expect from me," while the easy-going “Yesterday Meets Today" features Johnson on vocals.

Of course though, the latter also features plenty of the Strat master's nimble fretboard work, delivered with perfect tone and attack throughout.

“As life’s road over the last couple of years has been unpredictable for all of us, I truly believe it leads to a brighter road of possibilities,” the guitarist said in a press release.

Along those lines, Johnson hopes that the “thoughts, aspirations, and revelations I had in making this project will help bring me closer to tuning my direction to trying to make my future music as emotionally positive and uplifting as I can.”

You can check out the cover art and track lists of The Book of Making and Yesterday Meets Today below.

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The cover of Eric Johnson's forthcoming album, 'The Book of Making'

(Image credit: Blue Élan Records)

Eric Johnson – The Book of Making:

  1. "Soundtrack Life"
  2. "Floating Through This World"
  3. "Love Will Never Say Goodbye"
  4. "Bigger Than My Life"
  5. "Just To Be With You"
  6. "To Be Alive"
  7. "Another One Like You"
  8. "My Faith In You"
  9. "A Thousand Miles"

The cover of Eric Johnson's forthcoming album, 'Yesterday Meets Today'

(Image credit: Blue Élan Records)

Eric Johnson – Yesterday Meets Today:

  1. "Move On Over"
  2. "Yesterday Meets Today"
  3. "It’s Just The Rain"
  4. "Maha"
  5. "Hold On To Love"
  6. "Sitting On Top Of The World"
  7. "Dorsey Takes A Day Off"
  8. "JVZ"
  9. "Until We Meet Again"
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