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Guitto Debuts New GGP-02 Acoustic Guitar Pickup

(Image credit: Guitto)

Guitto has unveiled its new GGP-02 acoustic guitar pickup.

The GGP-02's stated goal is to deliver chorus, delay and reverb effects straight from your acoustic, without requiring an amp.

According to Guitto, the pickup works by processing the signal it receives, adding digital effects, then using them to drive a built-in vibration unit. This means that guitarists can hear effects direct from their acoustic’s soundhole.

Effects can be delivered to any amps/interfaces connected to the GGP-02's 1/4” output. It's powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that's said to last 12 hours of operation per charge.

The pickup features controls for chorus/delay, reverb, bass, treble and volume/power.

The price and release date of the Guitto GGP-02 acoustic guitar pickup have yet to be announced, though - given that Guitto is an offset of bargain effects brand Joyo - we can expect the GGP-02 will be be one of the market's more affordable acoustic pickups.