Get a year’s worth of guitar lessons for only $99 with Guitar Tricks' epic Summer Black Friday offer

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There's always a good time to invest in your playing, but we'd argue this new deal from Guitar Tricks represents the best value we've seen all year for online lessons. Their new Summer Black Friday promo sees an annual subscription drop to just $99 – working out at just $8.25 per month. And if you factor in the four free gifts, which bring the bundle total to $500, this is actually an 80% saving. 

In addition to the subscription itself, you'll also get a custom lesson plan, tailor-made for your needs as a player. If that's not enough, Guitar Tricks is also bundling Premium Bootcamp Access for curated lesson on specific techniques, the Ultimate Beginner Guide which comes fully loaded with practice routines, mistakes to avoid, a chord chart and more, and finally a 100 Essential Licks module which will help you expand your repertoire.

It’s one of the biggest discounts we’ve seen on Guitar Tricks this year, and we’ll likely not see a similar one until Black Friday rolls around again in November. You have until July 9th to take advantage.

Guitar Tricks 1-year sub bundle: $500, now $99

Guitar Tricks 1-year sub bundle: $500, now $99
This 12-month subscription and gift bundle has a huge reduction, giving you a year’s worth of lessons, plus handy extras, for little more than $8 a month. Not sure it’s right for you? There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee if you're not happy with your progress.

Guitar Tricks: Get 1 month for only $1

Guitar Tricks: Get 1 month for only $1
Not sure if it’s going to be the right fit? Well, we’ve teamed up with Guitar Tricks to offer Guitar Player readers an exclusive one-month subscription for just $1. That’s about 1/5th of a cup of coffee these days, great value for a month’s worth of expert guitar tuition, and access to over 11,000 guitar lessons.

Guitar Tricks is currently sitting at the number one spot in our best online guitar lessons guide, and has one of the biggest lessons catalogues of anybody online. With over 11,000 lessons that cover beginner up to pro content, it’s a great option for any guitar-player, whether you're just picking up your first chords or you've already got your blues schmooze down. With loads of popular songs, masterclasses with professional guitarists, and customized feedback from instructors, it’s one of the best ways to improve your playing over the next year.

The offer is only available for a limited time so you’ll need to move quickly to take advantage. Beginning on July 4th, the offer will disappear after June 9th.

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