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Friedman Unveils New Smallbox Pedal

Friedman Smallbox
(Image credit: Friedman Amplification )

Friedman Amplification has moved its popular 50-watt Smallbox amp – which packs a wide variety of classic British-voiced tones – into a compact overdrive pedal.

Like the amp, the Smallbox pedal features a three-band EQ with bass, mid and treble dials, and volume, gain and presence knobs. The pedal also features a side-mounted two-position Gain Structure switch, which lets users choose between a harder, more modern sound and a Plexi-style gain voicing.

Friedman says that the pedal retains the terrific response to picking and guitar controls of its amp counterpart, and that it's a perfect companion to both overdriven and clean amps.

The Friedman Smallbox overdrive pedal will be available starting Friday, November 20 for $199.99.

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