Fender Returns to Form Again With the American Vintage II Series

Fender American Vintage II
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Back in the early ‘80s, Fender introduced their first Vintage series electric guitars.

Quality and identity had increasingly drifted during the ‘70s, leading customers to seek out instruments from Fender’s previous period of production.

It was the early days of the now flourishing vintage guitar market, and Fender quickly realized they needed to respond to demand.

Such guitars as the fretted maple neck ’57 Stratocaster and its rosewood ‘board sibling, the ’62 Stratocaster, were immediately successful and marked a return to form.

The ’52 Telecaster, too, was a hit. As were the ’57/’62 Precision Basses and the ’62 Jazz Bass.

Reconnecting with those original designs that made Fender such a success in the early days was a stroke of genius. And though the Vintage line was eventually superseded several years ago, the firm has gone back to basics again with the new American Vintage II series.

Built in their Californian factory, the American Vintage II series showcases the timeless design of Fender’s most iconic guitars.

Featuring nitrocellulose finishes; “C”-, “V”- and “U”-profile necks; year-specific pickups; alder and ash bodies; and period-correct hardware, these instruments represent some of the most enduring classics of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s.

“The iconic models in the American Vintage II Series are a near 1:1 comparison with their original predecessors,” said Justin Norvell, Executive Vice President of Product, FMIC. “Today they are built with precise, modern manufacturing processes that weren’t available in the past.

“Whether you’re after nostalgic guitar sounds in the studio, or a vintage-style instrument that can withstand the demands of the road, the American Vintage II series harnesses the best of Fender’s legacy and craftsmanship so modern musicians can innovate today’s soundscapes.”

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