Are You Missing Out On TikTok? Learn How the Platform is Currently Influencing the Guitar World

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Earlier this week, Fender hosted a panel discussion dubbed The #GuitarTok Effect: How TikTok is changing how we create, consume and discover new music.

Since its release around five years ago, the short-form video hosting service TikTok has become increasingly popular as an outlet for comedic forms of entertainment, though it has also won favor among musicians worldwide.

Last year, NBC News reported that TikTok was the most popular website of 2021 according to web security and performance company Cloudflare, surpassing giants Facebook and even Google.


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Evidently, TikTok has become an established platform for sharing information and ideas in recent times.

Furthermore, with the introduction of TikTok Pulse earlier in May, creators are now able to partner with brands in order to split advertising revenue, establishing a viable income source for some.

Along with its substantial music-related features it comes as no surprise, therefore, that guitar players have signed up in droves in order to connect with others.

From playing tips and tutorials to music managers and talent scouts, it seems more and more people are being turned on to TikTok.

TikTok discussion hosted by Fender

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Moderated by digital media writer at The Hollywood Reporter, J. Clara Chan, the event was introduced by Fender's chief marketing officer, Evan Jones.

“What we focus on is really amplifying and elevating the voices of artists and creators around the world,” highlighted Jones. “Music has never been more youthful, more diverse, more energetic than it is today.”

TikTok clearly has become a really important platform for artists

Evan Jones, Fender CMO

“The way artists are using guitars and basses […] and effects and amplifiers has never been more interesting and exciting.

“TikTok clearly has become a really important platform for artists in that respect.”

Quoting his company’s famous founder, Jones goes on to say, “Back in 1946, Leo Fender shared that he believed ‘artists are angels, and it is our job to give them wings’ – and we take that to heart.

“It very much inspires and informs how we operate in person and through TikTok.”

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