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A $1,000,000 Guitar Pedal? The First-Ever Boss CE-1 Has Been Listed on Reverb for Seven Figures

Boss CE-1 serial number S000001
(Image credit: Pedal Palace/

The Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble is widely regarded as the pioneering chorus box, and to this day one of the greatest pedals in its category. 

Though Boss would – eight years after introducing the CE-1 in 1976 – discontinue the pedal in 1984 due to the sales of its smaller successor, the CE-2, the CE-1 remains a classic stompbox, and fetches (opens in new tab) a pretty penny on the secondary market. 

A "pretty penny" would also be one way to describe the price of the "holy grail" Boss CE-1 that was listed last week on Sporting the serial number S000001, this particular CE-1 – said (opens in new tab) to be the first of its kind ever to roll off the production line – has been put up for sale via Reverb for a cool $999,999.99.

Boss CE-1 serial number S000001

(Image credit: Pedal Palace/

Listed by the Los Angeles-based seller Pedal Palace (opens in new tab), the pedal is said to be in "good" condition, and – according to its seller – "oozes mojo," with "legendary," "truly magical" tone.

"This is it," writes the seller in the listing for the pedal. "You won't find a more special piece of gear. This is as rare as it gets. More rare than the $500k Klon [Centaur] Serial #2, more rare than your uncle’s old guitar with 7 pickups and wierd vibrato. This is it. This is the one. Nothing can compare." 

"No, I won't accept your offer of 50k," they continue, "and no I'm not going to open it up and show you the guts. I don't want to release the old mojo air that still lives inside. That air can only be smelled by people that give me 1 million dollars."

Pedal Palace even writes (opens in new tab) that, in their view, this magical CE-1 will probably be worth $10 million in 20 years. We'll let you decide if it's the investment opportunity of a lifetime...

Boss CE-1 serial number S000001

(Image credit: Pedal Palace/

As of today, 12 offers have been made for the "holy grail" CE-1. We can't confirm if any of them were made by – as Pedal Palace wonders at the beginning of the listing – Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Paul McCartney, or a boozed-up John Mayer, but we'll keep our ears open.

To see the listing for yourself, visit (opens in new tab).

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