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Celestial Effects Announces Sagittarius Overdrive Boost

The pedal features a very overdrive with presence, coupled with the company's Scorpio Super Boost.
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Celestial Effects has released its newest guitar effect pedal, the Sagittarius Overdrive Boost.

The Sagittarius Overdrive Boost includes two discrete effects in one space-saving pedal: a very transparent overdrive with presence, coupled with the company's Scorpio Super Boost. The two effects are wired in series with the ability to choose effect order: OD into Boost, or Boost into OD.

From the company's description:

An original design, merging qualities of two great overdrive pedals. The Sagittarius marries the crisp, non-compressed, transparent qualities of the Timmy OD with the in your face presence of the Klon in one package. The overdrive section's gain structure ranges from a soft boost to a semi-heavy grind with emphasis on low compression and lots of presence. Unlike the Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn pedals from their line, which add tons of gain and compression at high gain settings, this overdrive is more of a pure overdrive; very transparent and crisp.

Every nuance of guitar and amplifier combinations will shine through. It is a great effect to keep on all the time to set your "base tone". The overdrive does not change your guitar and amplifier combination's tone but just pushes it a bit more, enhances it and adds tons or presence. Couple it with controls for bass and treble and take over total control of your tone. Its a game changer.

The Sagittarius boost section is actually our Scorpio Super Boost! pedal. Undoubtedly the most popular Celestial Effects pedal to-date.

The effects order switch is accessed through a small hole on the bottom of the case. The latching push-button switch sets the order of the two effects. (A pencil eraser works great to set the switch but be gentle).

When gently pushed and latched "IN" or "DOWN", the order of the two effects is Boost into Overdrive.

When Sagittarius is configured in Boost into Overdrive mode, the Boost is wired first in the chain allowing the user to use the Boost to "push" the overdrive. With both effects ON, the volume knob will control the overall volume of the signal out of the Sagittarius.

When gently pushed and latched "OUT" or "UP", the effects order is Overdrive into Boost. This is the default position for the pedal.

When Sagittarius is in Overdrive into Boost mode, the volume knob will control only the overdrive section's overall volume and not the Boost section, which is now last in the chain. Turning on the boost section in this mode, will add a significant volume boost allowing the user to use this Boost section as a volume boost for leads and solos.

The tones derived from both modes are significantly different.


Go to the Sagittarius Overdrive Boost product page for more information. In stock and ready to ship with free shipping in the Continental USA.

It also comes with a 30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee and a stellar 5-year warranty.