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The 25 Ugliest Headstocks of All Time

Headstocks are always one of the most divisive features on a guitar. 

In fact, in my years at GP, I've found that one of the most animated subjects of discussion in the comments sections of any story on a new guitar is that of the headstock – "it's hideous!!," "love it!!," a crude GIF of someone vomiting followed right up by someone saying they're buying the guitar as they type that very comment... you get the drift.

Some headstocks though, just... miss the mark. Here to collect 25 of the most unfortunate of those headstocks is guitar YouTuber Jared Dines. You can check out his list in the video above. 

Included are swing-and-a-misses from Gibson, Fender, Yamaha, Vox, James Tyler, Langcaster and many more. 

I've always loved the offbeat design of the Fender Electric XII's headstock, which has a prime spot on Dines' list, myself, but to each their own...

For more of Dines' videos, stop by his YouTube channel.