Dweezilla Master Class

March 03, 2014

Dweezil Zappa brought a complete guitar experience to San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom. He kicked off the event with a masterclass where he shared some of the “Learn and Destroy” concepts he’s developed at Dweezilla Music Boot Camp. He presented oodles of information to an eager, guitar-toting class, and the overriding concept was rhythm. Zappa broke down how he breaks down his father’s most intricate passages into manageable clusters of notes and applies them across the fretboard. He also shared some of the plucking hand breakthroughs he’s undergoing right now. It was awesome to hear Dweezil’s concepts, and then watch him put them to musical use as he and his insanely talented crew tore through the complete Roxy & Elsewhere album, and then delivered another two hours of Zappa classics such as “Flakes” and “Zombie Wolf” plus loads of deep catalog material for Zappa diehards to relish.
Online ticket winners Kevin Glaz (right) and Sean Norris with Dweezil Zappa. For Glaz it was literally a dream come true to experience a Zappa class. He has recurring dreams of being tutored by Frank!
 Dweezil emphasizing the importance of interesting rhythmic phrasing.
 Dweezil works his trusty SG. He pointed out that the extra switches are for coil splitting and phase switching.
Dweezil and GP Presents event coordinator Jimmy Leslie who figures he’s owned about 45 Zappa records during his life.


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