Watch Stevie Ray Vaughan Make the Slickest Guitar Swap of All Time

God bless roadies!

As any guitarist can attest, roadies are indispensable members of any band's touring operation – as illustrated in this brief video featuring the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan and his roadie, Texas guitar whiz Rene Martinez.

Vaughan, who can be seen performing "Look at Little Sister" for an Austin City Limits special in 1989, breaks his B string just a few seconds into his guitar solo.

At the 25-second mark, Vaughan motions to Martinez, who makes one of the smoothest Strat swaps we've ever seen.

Granted, Vaughan and Martinez picked a perfect time to make the swap (The guitar solo was finished, etc.), but SRV misses only one or two low-E-zone double stops during the exchange. While singing!

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