Watch Erlend Krauser Perform with the Kemper Profiler

Krauser delivers a stunning interpretation of the Christina Aguilera ballad, “Hurt.”
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In this new clip, masterful guitarist Erlend Krauser performs his interpretation of Christina Aguilera’s “Hurt.” 

Performed entirely with his Kemper Profiler, the track comes from Krauser’s latest album, Last Discoveries

“This album—my work from end of 2016 until October, 2017—is kind of a ‘coping with the past,’” Krauser says. “[It’s also] a fresh, cool and very exciting start in a new dimension of playing my beloved instrument, the guitar!”

With the Kemper Profiler, players are able to extract the exact tone and feel from any amp in their collection. A profile doesn't only capture the amp itself, but every aspect of the cabinet and microphone configuration as well. The Profiler also ships with hundreds of amps and rigs already installed.

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