Watch Dweezil Zappa Play Eddie Van Halen's "Rasta Guitar"

Zappa dropped by Norman's Rare Guitars to show off the legendary axe.
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Last week, Dweezil Zappa dropped by Norman's Rare Guitars for a bit of show and tell.

The guitar in question is Eddie Van Halen's legendary "Rasta Guitar," which Van Halen painted himself and played on Van Halen's Fair Warning tour. You can watch Zappa play and tell the story of the guitar in the video above.

Zappa and Van Halen, of course, go back a long way. When Dweezil performed “Runnin’ with the Devil” with his band at a middle school talent show, Van Halen himself showed the then-13-year-old Zappa how to play the song and even lent him his guitar for the performance.

You can watch Zappa tell this, and a number of other awesome childhood Eddie Van Halen stories, right here.